Angry? He's furious! Brilliant picture of red Northern Cardinal looks just like Angry Bird from the popular mobile game


A furious looking Northern Cardinal looks just like a real-life Angry Bird as he soars through the sky in the United States.Catapulting towards the camera, the bird was captured by wildlife photographer Brian Kushner in his back-garden in Audubon, New Jersey and the snapper could not help but see the likeness to the feathered characters from the much-loved computer game.


Mr. Kushner, 55, said: 'This happened completely by surprise. I wasn't even sure that I'd captured the shot. As soon as I saw the picture I was reminded of Angry Birds. Everything about it reminds me of it.'A lot of people have commented on it saying it looks like 'Red' from the game.'


Angry Birds was first released in 2009 and went on to sell over two billion copies across all platforms worldwide.  Such was the popularity of the game, in which wingless birds are catapulted towards pigs that are trying to steal their eggs that it was made into a film.Angry Birds the Movie, starring Jason Sudeikis as the main character 'Red', received mixed reviews from critics but the Daily Mail'sBrian Viner declared that there was plenty of fun for children to enjoy.


He wrote: 'There is something faintly dispiriting about an animated feature film inspired by a video game franchise (surely the laws of rampant commercial exploitation dictate that it should be the other way round). But that aside, The Angry Birds Movie is quite good fun.'


The cardinal captured by Mr. Kushner looks like he's ready to strike, which is not uncommon for the birds when they feel their territory is being threatened.However, despite its protective persona, the cardinal is one of the most-loved birds in the U.S - with seven states choosing it as its official bird.